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Asian values are commonly known as a list of ideologies created in the late 1990s that were used to describe society, culture and other significant historical events that shaped and molded the minds of individuals from that region. The purpose of this ideology was to create a pan-Asian effect. For this reason many people disliked the idea and did not want to participate in any type of ideology that grouped people together. The purpose of this was to group people with the same economic and social background. Some individuals took offense to this type of ideology and therefore opposed it. The ideology was criticized when it came to freedom of speech. Asian values can be a uniting force if used properly.


Just like any other ideology, if it is taken too far, there are consequences. Some of the most common ways to avoid this conflict is to listen to the public, and hear out their reasonings. Any leader that does not listen to their public is not able to lead effectively. Effective leadership is leadership that can arrive at a certain goal without inconveniencing and destroying other civilizations in the process. Asian values can be a great way to show loyalty with your fellow neighbor or country, however it should never be a substitute for freedom and the pursuit of success and happiness. When ideologies are taken too far, there can often be a loss of freedom and personal identity. To avoid this happening, leaders must listen to the team around them that inputs the best ways to serve and assist those around them. The true goal of a leader should be to advance the lives of those they have been given the opportunity to serve.


Asian values go hand-in-hand with the idea social harmony. Social harmony is defined as peaceful interaction between societal members in pursuit of a common goal. A common goal should be shared between those in the communities so there is something to work towards together. No one can do everything on their own and we all need each other for support at one point or another. This teaches the importance of respecting your neighbor even if they live a different lifestyle than you do. This is part of the beauty of what makes everybody different and unique, therefore contributing to a diverse and ever-growing society. If this unique balance were to be lost, there would be no diversity and life would become very one-sided. In order to respect this balance, you must first understand the balance.


The best way to learn to respect the dynamics of society is to be an active member in it. Becoming an active member of society is a rewarding process and it makes your connection deeper to those directly around you. Therefore when speaking about Asian values, the most viable part of this idea is in the connection to others. It is in the connection to others from the same region that produces sustained growth and success long-term. This is the valuable aspect in popular idea of “Asian values.”



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