Looking For The Best SIM Only Plans Singapore? – Read This

Are you looking for the best sim only plans in Singapore? You need to read this article first. First of all, you need to determine first if a SIM-only plan is right for you or not. The promise of being able to break free from the locked-in contracts and monthly bills is indeed very enticing. And it doesn’t help that the SIM-only, mobile plan war is well underway. All of these circles life vs Giga telecom companies are vying for your attention and trying to convince you that their plan is the best in the market. One thing is for sure though. Now consumers have more options when it comes to mobile plans.


Gone are the days when the only option for consumers was to sign a one or two-year contract with a service provider. There was a way out but you’ll need to pay a hefty early termination fee. But consumers were only too happy to be “enslaved” back then. This is because, in exchange for signing the contract, they get to have the latest smart phone for free or for a heavily discounted price. But what people don’t realize is that the phone is not really free or even discounted. The cost is just spread out over several monthly installments. Telecom companies really made a killing because of this little trick.

But thanks to new players in the telecom industry, people can now look for the best SIM only plans in Singapore. Something that wouldn’t be possible a few years back. And now there are more flexible plans for consumers to choose from. The best thing about these plans is that they don’t come with lock-in periods. This means that you are not going to be tied up with a particular company for a fixed period of time. This means freedom for consumers because if they don’t like the service of their current service provider, then they can just change anytime. And they don’t have to suffer any consequences for changing providers.


The presence of SIM-only plans also means that consumers can now save more money. They now have the freedom to choose the most affordable and cost-efficient mobile plans that will meet their needs. And even old service providers are forced to up their games just to be able to keep up with new players. Even companies that only offered subscription plans before are now offering SIM-only plans. In the end, the consumers are the winner.



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