Here are Unique Cycling Routes in Singapore

Today, a significant number of people ride a bicycle. Some folks just love the ride, whereas others choose a bicycle for fun and entertaining tenures. Then some folks are serious with their rides and wish to take part in contests. If you fall in any of these categories, you may want to sharpen your riding skills. If you lag on this point, you won’t gain anything from cycling. So, what’s the solution? Covering unique cycling routes in Singapore stands as a clear bet.


Popular cycling routes Singapore


When it comes to cycling, you’ve got two likely options. First, you may surf your local area. What if you live in a congested area that impacts your rides? If so, you need to look for an alternative approach. This is where unique cycling routes in Singapore come into the picture. They let you ride effortlessly with minimal interruptions. Here are the top-rated routes for your next ride.


East Coast Park


Those who live in this area might be familiar with the park. The beauty of the park is it’s perfect for jogging, walking, and many other activities. Many residents consider the park as a fitness point. However, you can sharpen your cycling skills here. Even a newbie cyclist can ride here with minimum issues. The reason – The road is straight with no uneven terrain.


Another perk is the park stretches 15 km with no impedance. So, it’s a win-win situation for beginner as well as advanced cyclists. While beginners may learn to ride effortlessly, advanced cyclists may increase their riding skills for competitions.

Marina Bay Loop


If you love riding in the evening, this might be an ideal destination. Why? As well as letting you sharpen your rides, the bay is ideal for catching the astounding view of the skyline when the sun sets. The loop covers 11 km, giving you enough room to ride your cycle.


If you’re an intermediate-level cyclist, you may extend your route into another loop by taking an opposite direction. This new loop leads you to Gardens by the Bay. So, you get to test two different routes depending on your riding capabilities.


Northern Explorer Loop


If you’re fed up with simple rides and need new challenges, try this intermediate-level loop. The road is straight for some distance. Later, it includes uneven tracks. So, you can match your skills while learning to tackle hard grounds. The road stretches 25 km. Also, the loop is filled with lovely natural landscapes that rejuvenate your rides. Visit us at



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