Emerging Economy: The Rise of China and Asia

Emerging Rise of China & Asia

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There have been monumental changes in China and Asia over the past few decades. With the economy of China rapidly expanding as a result of supply and demand, the entire region has felt a unique economic shift. China is known for its ancient civilizations and culture. Many have said that China suffered a loss in the late 19th-century and early 20th century. China has been able to make extreme economical progress ever since the 1970s. The population of China has been expanding as well as its economy. Often times when a society grows in population, the economy grows as well. With a rapidly expanding population, the entire economy has been boosted and increased as a result.


China plays a unique role for all of Asia. Most Asian countries are not as populated as China. China’s role in import and export is similar to that of the United States and Japan. China’s political leaders often discuss international security as result of the rapidly growing economy. The three most rapidly expanding economies in the Asia Pacific include Japan, China and South Korea. During an EAS (East Asian Summit), powerful leaders came together to discuss major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. The goal of the summit was not only to get political leaders to work together domestically, but as well as internationally. The summit gave political leaders from countries such as Japan and South Korea a chance to network with China’s main political figures and work together to better the region.


The rise of China and Asia has also allowed a unique agreement to be born. That agreement is known as a free trade agreement. This agreement benefit consumers and owners for the trade of product. The free trade agreement secures China’s access to raw materials as well as remove obstacles pertaining to transport and export. Trade between China and other countries in the region has been on the rise. There has been an annual increase of 19% steadily since the early 2000’s. Asia covers one of the largest areas on the globe. As a result, there are many different economies that wants to begin getting into the same type of distribution that China has. This is a unique way for political leaders to connect with each other in terms of a solution for going forward. Leaders can implement some of the same strategies and create the type of economy and life they want to live. The goal of China officials is to expand their country, increase import and export and have a global voice on certain topics.


When China holds these types of conferences, powerful NGOs in the region are welcome to attend and improve the input of the overall conference. When people are able to connect with one another about the growing economy, great things can happen. In terms of small businesses, China’s economy has expanded as result of them as well. Smaller cities and suburbs have given their resident a chance to build a new stream of revenue through small companies and local shops.



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