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Many people live in the same HDB flat in Singapore for many years. If there are small children in the house, they will often scribble or paint on the walls, dirtying them. In other cases, the paint will fade or peel off. Hence many people residing in hdb flats are looking for reliable and specialized hdb painting services singapore like Colour Creative painting service for painting their HDB flat quickly and efficiently using high quality paints. The painting service was established in 1985 and has painted thousands of HDB flats of families in Singapore, to give them a new look.


Some of the factors which affect the cost of painting a flat are the size of the flat and the quality of the paint which is being used. The painting service only uses high quality Nippon paint for painting the rooms. There are three different types of paints which can be used, with normal being the cheapest paint, while standard and supreme paint are more expensive. The paints are available in a wide range of colors to suit the requirement of the home owner. The painting service has more than 10 painters, who are very experienced and will ensure that all areas of the room are painted uniformly.


The popular Nippon premium All in one is one of the most popular interior emulsions which is used for painting the HDB flats. It is an environmental friendly emulsion with almost zero VOC and is free of ammonia. It also has almost no odor when it is applied and after it will dry. The paint is developed with anti-bacteria and anti-fungus properties, hence no fungus will develop on it. The paint is washable, so if anything is accident spilled on the surface, it can be washed easily. The premium paint is long lasting and is non-toxic since it does not contain mercury, lead and other heavy metals.


The price for painting a flat is specified on the website of the painting service and varies for three room, four room, five room flats, executive flats and maisonettes. The cost of painting a three room flat with standard paint is $500, while the price of painting a larger maisonette with premium supreme paint is $1450. The price includes the cost of the paint used and workmanship. The time taken for painting depends on the size of the flat, three and four room flats will painted in one or two days, while larger five room, executive flats, maisonettes will take two or three days for painting to be completed.


The prices quoted include the cost of painting the bedrooms, kitchen, living room,ceilings and bathrooms. There may be additional costs involved if the door, door frame, pipe, gate and main door are to be painted. Families residing in Singapore who wish to get their HDB flat painted should contact the painting service for a free consultation. A special 10% discount is offered to the first thirty customers in every month. Hence families in Singapore who wish to hire an affordable and professional painting service for their home, should contact Colour Creative on phone or using the contact form.



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