Fashion trends by celebrities in 2019

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If you want to be well dressed this year, you should take a look at the fashion trends by celebrities in 2019 in a few great examples. If you are looking for fashionable outfits in Singapore be it for an event or just for browsing, you can check out a fashion guide in Singapore here.

Most celebrities have fashion advisers when it comes to outfits they wear, so they manage to look great and follow the trends. Let’s see what fashion trends by celebrities in 2019 we should follow. I gathered a list with most fashionable stars:


  • Katie Holmes

She is a star on the rise from 2019 when she took by surprise the worldwide internet with great style choices. She loves to wear classic statement outfits, like pairing jeans with elegant jackets a la Coco Chanel. Another example that will explain better the fashion trend she wears, it’s zebra print boots with teddy coat. Fringe jackets are on trend and Katie Holmes knows how to wear them impeccably, with blue denim. The results are adorable and you should definitely try them.

  • Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Anniston it’s almost every time an example of best dressed celebrities. She has a elegant, chic style that defines her. The first style trick we learn from her is you never fail with a classic black dress. It’s a sophisticated choice and if you wear it with minimal golden jewellery the success it’s guaranteed. She also proves us that you can rely on olive pants instead of jeans once in a while. The olive pants ate neutral, easy to combine and they look effortless chic with basic items from our wardrobe. Leather item are having a come back in 2019 and Jennifer Anniston knows how to rock a leather outfit. She choose not only jackets, but makes bold statements choosing to wear leather dresses, jumpsuits and pants. The result it’s great and you should give it a try.

  • Alexa Chang

It’s no secret that Alexa Chung it’s a style muse and continues to be one in 2019. She has a cool French girl like style that makes their appearances wonderful. Alexa loves to wear suits that are fitted, paired with boots, sneakers or sandals. Suits are in trends in 2019 so you will have from where to choose a suit that matches your style. For a cool attire like Alexa loves to wear, choose to wear it with a pair of great sneakers and a t-shirt. Vintage looking sneakers are going to be a hit in 2019 so you can choose a pair of these. Alexa wore this kind of shoes for a while now. Another item Alexa loves is the mini dress, a trend that will take off this year. If we are looking to Alexa’s style we will observe the wonderful polka dots prints she wears. Polka dots were a star at the spring summer fashion shows, which shows us that will be part of the trends in 2019. Choose blouses, dresses or even pants in this pattern and you will have a cool style this year.

This are three of the celebrities you have to keep an eye on in 2019 for great style hints. Fashion trends by celebrities in 2019 in 2 simple keywords is simply cool. You have to focus on effortless chic outfits that have a cool look. Find inspiration in these celebrities style and you will never fail

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