Good governance in Singapore

Temple in Singapore near Chinatown

What a country needs for being economically developed and prosperous? Perhaps many would say that plenty of resources is the answer. Well, not necessarily. A small and resource-limited country can also reach highest levels of development. What it needs is a good governance. The success story of Singapore comes to prove it. Young, with almost no resources, and spread on a tiny piece of land, the city-state managed to develop a strong economy with a competitive market, using a wise and effective governance. To understand what stands behind the success of Singapore, it is important to highlight 6 principles of good governance that reign in this tiny Asian country, contributing to its incredible growth.


  1. Zero Tolerance to Corruption

The first principle that defines the good governance in Singapore is the complete denial of any form of corrution in state institutions. Money, gifts or any other kind of bribery is …

Emerging Economy: The Rise of China and Asia

Emerging Rise of China & Asia

A sculpture of buddha infront of a lake

There have been monumental changes in China and Asia over the past few decades. With the economy of China rapidly expanding as a result of supply and demand, the entire region has felt a unique economic shift. China is known for its ancient civilizations and culture. Many have said that China suffered a loss in the late 19th-century and early 20th century. China has been able to make extreme economical progress ever since the 1970s. The population of China has been expanding as well as its economy. Often times when a society grows in population, the economy grows as well. With a rapidly expanding population, the entire economy has been boosted and increased as a result.


China plays a unique role for all of Asia. Most Asian countries are not as populated as China. China’s role in import and export is similar to …