Understanding Meritocracy in Singapore’s Educational System

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Singapore’s education has been a recent topic for discussion. Many countries experience a certain gap between their wealthy population and their poor population. In countries where the gap is the largest, the most educational struggle is present. The main reasons for this is due to low tax rates for the rich, low spending budgets for the struggling population and poor healthcare. Meritocracy is defined as a unique political system where economic goods or the use of political power are invested based on performance instead of wealth. This system of education is often debated to be a problem or solution. Understanding the system in more detail will help each individual to make that determination.


Some of the practices that show a direct example of meritocracy are ones such as standardized testing. Standardized testing in Singapore is given to all students of all different levels of economic development. The fees …

Past & Present Innovative Asian Values

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Asian values are commonly known as a list of ideologies created in the late 1990s that were used to describe society, culture and other significant historical events that shaped and molded the minds of individuals from that region. The purpose of this ideology was to create a pan-Asian effect. For this reason many people disliked the idea and did not want to participate in any type of ideology that grouped people together. The purpose of this was to group people with the same economic and social background. Some individuals took offense to this type of ideology and therefore opposed it. The ideology was criticized when it came to freedom of speech. Asian values can be a uniting force if used properly.


Just like any other ideology, if it is taken too far, there are consequences. Some of the most common ways to avoid this conflict is to listen …