Be aware of the role of art and culture in nation building

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Identifying the art and culture of the nation is one of the best approaches to know about its history in detail. The culture is the quality of enlightenment and also refinement from an acquaintance with and the overall concern for excellent in arts, manners, letters and other important things. The culture is the main pillar of the development and sustenance of all communities. There is no possibility for the progress of the society in the absence of the culture.


About art


Art is a diverse range of activities of human for creating auditory, visual or performing artifacts expressing the conceptual ideas, imaginative things and technical skills of the author. Art is intended to be appreciated for its emotional power or beauty. The culture is the identity where the common attitudes, values, knowledge and preferences are attributed to the overall behavior in the social group. The culture has the best influence on the social development in all countries.


There are different types of art from ancient times to today. The classical branches of the art are architecture, painting and sculpture. However, some of the modern types of art are film, performing, music, literature, painting, architecture and sculpture. Residents of many countries these days understand the significance of strengthening their art and culture in all the possible ways. They use the cultural cooperation to enhance their way to know and follow their art and culture. They consider the culture as an identity and important for the human development. They make certain that culture makes the main building block in the personality.


You may get confused with the art and culture in various aspects. You have to understand and remember that the culture is about various aspects of the human behavior, quality of life and development of the society. The culture is the space individuals create within their environment and unique things associated with them.


About the culture


The culture is everything individuals create in the physical space. The culture is everything like the buildings, agricultural food, language and other things. Art is an important aspect of the culture and defined creative method to make objects or concepts. Traditional celebrations are the main core elements of all culture beyond doubt. Some of these celebrations are religious holiday, harvest festival, wedding and national observance. Celebrations of residents of all countries are woven into the cultural identity. This is worthwhile to celebrate the traditions and use every chance for intercultural exchange and understanding.


All cultural events are educative, entertaining and fun. These events let individuals to integrate mentally and physically. Art is a diverse range of activities of human. You can focus on the prehistoric and contemporary art as comprehensive as possible. You will get the complete guidance and make positive changes in your way to become skilled at your favorite genre of art. The purpose of an art varies from the beginning of the human skills development. Art has had various functions all through its history. Focus on motivated and non-motivated functions of the art to find out the role of the art in the society.

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