4 Skills a Company Secretary Must Have

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When you’re starting a company, you should definitely hire a secretary to handle the daily operations. In fact, that should be one of the first things on your mind. You can’t possibly handle the tasks of a secretary. You are going to be talking to this person each day so you must hire the right person. The secretary must possess the right skills to do a great job. Here are the skills a company secretary should definitely have:


Strong Administrative Skills

The secretary will be on the computer most of the time. Therefore, she must know how to use the basic Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel. She will definitely make a lot of reports and submit it to her boss. The reports will be about the employees and clients. It is also possible the IT team will introduce new programs to use from time to time. The secretary must be willing to learn these programs and make use of them to their full extent.


Excellent Time Management

A company secretary needs to do a lot of things but only has 9 hours to do it. Thus, the secretary must know how to do all those things in the allotted time. The secretary can make a schedule that will most likely not be followed so there must always be a leeway. Besides, some tasks can take a lot longer than expected. There can even be some unexpected tasks that will come out of nowhere.


Nice Interpersonal Skills

The secretary will talk to different people all the time. These people can be janitors, sales people, and even CEOs. Thus, the secretary must address each one of them properly and talk to them like a normal person. Each one of them should feel like they are welcome when they are in your office. She should always greet visitors with a smile even if they are there to apply for a job. She should tell them to take a seat while she calls for the person they need. After that, she should pay attention to what the person is doing and talk to him every now and then.


Meticulous Attention to Detail

The secretary must get all the details right when doing the reports. When she gets some details wrong, the whole thing may go down the drain. Therefore, if she is not sure then she should just ask. However, if she knows what the company is all about, then she would not make any mistakes with regard to spelling. Knowing what the company is all about would certainly play a huge role in that.


Now that you know the skills you should look for in a company secretary, why not look for a company secretary service Singapore? They provide high-quality secretaries that are worth each penny you pay them. Besides, what’s important is your company reaches new heights. You will be given the chance to interview several candidates and decide in the end which one will be able to help you the most.

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