[Review] Loss-Layers by A.lter S.essio

A.lter S.essio’s work, Loss-Layers, was a performance built on extremes. From the get-go, the sonic and visual onslaught was relentless. Entering the theatre studio, the audience was greeted with a body sheathed in a skin-tight, flesh coloured full body suit in the middle of a raised, square platform. Along with the red lights that washed the entire space and a rumbling bass sound, it felt as if a cult ritual was about to begin. Then, as the red lights dimmed indicating the beginning Read more

[Review] Terra Incognita by Patricia Toh.

A solo performance and a theme about perhaps the most banal physical activity one could possibly carry out in one’s life; all the ingredients for a potentially self indulgent performance that would go nowhere were present. Yet, a physically dexterous and disarming Patricia Toh managed to frame her intended themes in an engaging way. Sure, she got sappy with her script about dealing with her hospitalised grandfather, but her unassuming frankness gave the work a sincerity that resonated with Read more

New Year Shenanigans with Adrian Pang and Neo Swee Lin

It’s the New Year and once again time for the good old New Year resolutions. Some to be kept and some to be forgotten as quickly as the big ball drop in New York. Yet, we can’t fault these good intentions. After all, aren’t we all just hoping to become better versions of ourselves? Join Pangdemonium as they kick-off their 2015 season with Annie Baker’s Circle Mirror Transformation, a story of four lost souls (Adrian Pang, Daniel Jenkins, Nikki Muller, Selma Alkaff) who join a drama Read more

A Thing of Beauty by Dawn Ng

Dawn Ng, probably best remembered for the random appearances of a giant inflatable rabbit she named Walter around Singapore and her Paper Planes installation, is currently holding a solo exhibition titled A Thing of Beauty at Chan Hampe galleries. It will be a collection of nine photographs of installations assembled from everyday objects that Ng found all over Singapore. Though she is quick to dismiss her new series as a nationalistic representation – unlike Perfect Read more

[Review] Da Vinci: From Past to Future

Two exhibitions currently running in Singapore - both world premieres,  illuminate the art and science of Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci, one third of the great Florentine trinity of painters. The Muse explores both the possibility of an 'earlier' Mona Lisa and a plethora of research and experiments done by the great mind himself from art and architecture to hydraulics and music.  Leonardo da Vinci’s Earlier Mona Lisa at the Art House The mystic smile Read more

[Preview] M1 Fringe Festival 2015 Dance Performances: Loss-Layers and Grand Singe

Once again, in the spirit of highlighting performing arts styles and movements not often seen in the relatively young local arts scene, the M1 Fringe Festival 2015 presents two movement based works – Loss-Layers by A.lter S.essio (France / Japan) and Grand Singe by Nicolas Cantin (Canada). Though tempted, we are trying to avoid their classification under the genre of dance, because these two works re-draw the conventional boundaries of the genre. Both works are interdisciplinary in nature, Read more

Singapore’s History Comes Alive at the National Museum

Transport yourself to the lull of a sleepy fishing village in the fourteenth century, or walk through the hustle and bustle of busy trading streets under British rule. For the first time ever, visitors will be able to step through 700 years of Singapore’s history and re-live defining moments at the National Museum of Singapore’s interactive exhibition, SINGAPURA: 700 Years. With the hype of the nation’s 50th birthday this year, the exhibition provides a unique experience that allows Read more

M1 Fringe Festival 2015: Upclose with Patricia Toh and Loo Zihan

Patricia Toh and Loo Zihan are two local performing artists that have constantly pushed themselves beyond the boundaries of the conventional performing arts. Their works consistently defy the categories of dance and theatre, preferring an interdisciplinary approach that often incorporates elements of dance, film, theatre, conceptual and performance art. Toh and Loo are less bothered about aesthetic pursuits and the limits of the different performing arts disciplines. They are more concerned with Read more

Arriving at Ataraxy

Ataraxy refers to a state of tranquillity, freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety. It also makes for one intriguing exhibition title. Ataraxy is Ruben Pang’s 5th solo exhibition. After graduating from LaSalle College of the Arts in 2010, Pang has received numerous awards and has exhibited both in Singapore and in various exhibitions across Europe. Pang’s style of painting is distinctive in that he begins his work with no preconceived notion of how the painting should look like at Read more

Celebrate the New Year at M1 Fringe Festival 2015

2014 was all about embracing the new, at least in the local arts scene. If you have been paying close attention, you would know that some major arts festivals – namely, SGIFF and SIFA – have had their overhauls in 2014; it isn’t all that surprising the upcoming M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2015 will also get a promising revamp, in the form of a brand-new Artistic Director. For the first time since its existence, the festival will see someone else at its helm, with theatre-maker and Read more