[Review] FAR by Wayne McGregor | Random Dance

FAR by Wayne McGregor | Random Dance is an acronym for Flesh in the Age of Reason. The Age of Reason is also known as the Enlightenment, a period in the history of western thought and culture, stretching from the late 17th century through to the late 18th century. Characterised by dramatic revolutions in science, philosophy, society and politics, this was a time when western societies made huge advancements in knowledge acquisition, shifting from unquestioning religious dogma to rational thought Read more

[Review] Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake

Looking at something familiar from a new perspective often involves drastic measures. A conscious effort has to be made to flip the object or situation completely around so that we can reveal another angle that is not often seen. Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake was exactly this – the flipping over of a timeless classic to reveal messages and narratives that were not apparent. Right from the get go, it was blatantly obvious that Bourne’s version was an investigation of Swan Lake through contemporary Read more

The Voice of the Violin: In Conversation with Prodigy Vadim Repin

Singapore audiences have much to look forward to this month as award-winning Russian Violinist Vadim Repin takes the grand stage for one night only. Repin has a plethora of accolades under his belt including being the youngest ever winner of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition at just 17.  A child prodigy, Vadim found his vocation at the tender age of five and first performed at age six. By 15, he was on the stage at Carnegie Hall. An unstoppable force in the classical music industry, Read more

Finding Stillness in Movement and Movement in Stillness with Video Artist Daniel Crooks

Melbourne-based artist Daniel Crooks has gained international acclaim over the years for his exploration of alternative models of spatio-temporal representation through the moving image. Running from now until the 26th of October, Future Perfect Singapore presents Hamilton’s Path, the New Zealand born artists’ first solo presentation in Asia, featuring new work made especially for the occasion. Crooks’ intriguing cinematic narratives give the digital image a new elasticity, employing techniques Read more

MetalWorks: In Conversation with H. Hugh Miller

For American photographer H. Hugh Miller, a photo of his is successful “if the viewer sees something new in a familiar context – and feels a strong aesthetic impact”. In his first solo exhibition in Singapore and Asia, MetalWorks, Miller explores the cityscapes of London, Singapore, New York and the US Midwest, hoping to bring new visual and sensory experiences through his aesthetic and textural exploration of urban architecture. Through subtle manipulation of angles, perspectives Read more

Snap! Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) 2014 Highlights

If you thought only wordsmiths would be able to satiate their appetites this month and the next during the upcoming Singapore Writers Festival, you are definitely not looking hard enough. The ongoing Singapore International Photography Festival, which runs from 3rd October to 30th November, is back in town with plenty of meaty photography talks, workshops and eight free companion photo exhibitions for both enthusiasts and professionals alike. In its 4th edition, this year’s festival Read more

Jerusalem – Talking Comedy, Controversy and Change with Nick Kenny

We’ve seen it happen. We might have experienced it ourselves before. There’s a certain creepy sense of dread that comes with unwelcome change that’s waiting for us in the near future. What would you do if encroaching officialdom threatened your freedom, your home and your very existence? What if you were a modern day Pied Piper, living in an illegal encampment on the edge of an English countryside town called Flintock? What would you do? We can look to Jerusalem for some answers. From Read more

[Preview] Shift: Esplanade da:ns festival 2014

As the Esplanade's annual da:ns Festival punctuates the arts calendar for the ninth year running, it has established its Shift segment as exciting, cutting-edge and a bit of a surprise. The venue's Theatre Studio has played host to the likes of Jerome Bel, the enfant terrible of dance, and Welsh artist Sioned Huws. "Shift is my favourite platform in the festival," proclaims programmer Faith Tan. The festival's segment, named for its intentions of shifting audience's notions of contemporary Read more

[Preview] Centrestage: Esplanade da:ns festival 2014

If there is one dance festival that can be said to be truly inclusive, it is the Esplanade’s da:ns Festival. Over the years, the festival’s programming has grown to encompass almost every aspect of dance. From the high brow to the avant-garde; the traditional to the free-to-view outdoor crowd pleasers, da:ns festival has gone past merely presenting works. Today, da:ns plays several key roles – it is about making dance accessible to the uninitiated, introducing the latest trends, as well Read more

Wooing with the Merry Widow

The ‘Queen of Operettas’ is making her way to the Esplanade this October. A new production of the much-loved The Merry Widow is being performed by the Singapore Lyric Opera. This operetta debuted in Vienna in 1905 and was composed by Franz Lehár (the Andrew Lloyd Webber of his time). This is a comic love story that has been repeatedly revived and readapted for stage and screen. With such longevity and rave reviews, one has to ask - How has this work stayed so popular with audiences? The Read more