A Few Wise Words from OBE and Theatre Legend Braham Murray

Theatre legend and OBE Braham Murray will be directing this year’s SRT Shakespeare in the Park performance: The Tempest at Fort Canning. Murray was one of five founding Artistic Directors of the highly acclaimed Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. He was also the longest serving founder, starting in 1976 and retiring in 2012. The Royal Exchange has always had a reputation for working with young actors before they attained fame. Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, David Tennant, Michael Sheen and Andrew Read more

Interview with Chinese Abstract Artist Ding Yi

ShanghART Gallery is currently presenting acclaimed Chinese abstract artist Ding Yi’s first solo exhibition in Southeast Asia. The exhibition, titled "Ivory Black", features 11 paintings from the artist’s signature “Appearance of Crosses” series, as well as an installation and a public art sculpture. Born in 1962, Ding Yi is wildly regarded as a pioneer of abstraction in China. He is best known for his large-scale colourful, abstract geometric paintings comprising of variations of Read more

[Review] Circle Mirror Transformation

American playwright Annie Baker’s Obie award-winning Circle Mirror Transformation does away with traditional narrative form. Nothing much happens throughout the play, save for a bunch of acting classes across the span of six weeks. Yet, bite-sized anecdotes are cleverly interspersed within these classes, giving the audience insight into the characters’ lives and leaving us quietly rooting for them at the end of the play. In the small town of Shirley, Vermont (also the fictional setting Read more

Art Initiative To Encourage Emerging Artists

With the ethos of being socially responsible art entrepreneurs and giving a voice to new and emerging artists, co-founders of The Art Fellas, Cruz Phua and Daniel Fong decided to launch the inaugural Art Discovered Spring/Summer exhibition, featuring 13 new artists looking to establish themselves. The biannual exhibition will run from 7th to 15th February and aims to be a stepping stone for budding artists in Singapore and around the region to gain exposure and feedback from commercial Read more

Imprint: New Works by Suzann Victor

Suzann Victor’s current solo exhibition at STPI (Singapore Tyler Print Institute) Imprint: New Works by Suzann Victor stems from Victor’s six-week intense stint at one of the greatest international destinations for contemporary arts in Asia. STPI regularly invites leading artists from around the world to experiment and push the boundaries of artistic creation with alternative methods and materials. Victor is no stranger to pushing artistic boundaries, with 22 years of abstract artistic Read more

[Review] Loss-Layers by A.lter S.essio

A.lter S.essio’s work, Loss-Layers, was a performance built on extremes. From the get-go, the sonic and visual onslaught was relentless. Entering the theatre studio, the audience was greeted with a body sheathed in a skin-tight, flesh coloured full body suit in the middle of a raised, square platform. Along with the red lights that washed the entire space and a rumbling bass sound, it felt as if a cult ritual was about to begin. Then, as the red lights dimmed indicating the beginning Read more

[Review] Terra Incognita by Patricia Toh.

A solo performance and a theme about perhaps the most banal physical activity one could possibly carry out in one’s life; all the ingredients for a potentially self indulgent performance that would go nowhere were present. Yet, a physically dexterous and disarming Patricia Toh managed to frame her intended themes in an engaging way. Sure, she got sappy with her script about dealing with her hospitalised grandfather, but her unassuming frankness gave the work a sincerity that resonated with Read more

New Year Shenanigans with Adrian Pang and Neo Swee Lin

It’s the New Year and once again time for the good old New Year resolutions. Some to be kept and some to be forgotten as quickly as the big ball drop in New York. Yet, we can’t fault these good intentions. After all, aren’t we all just hoping to become better versions of ourselves? Join Pangdemonium as they kick-off their 2015 season with Annie Baker’s Circle Mirror Transformation, a story of four lost souls (Adrian Pang, Daniel Jenkins, Nikki Muller, Selma Alkaff) who join a drama Read more

A Thing of Beauty by Dawn Ng

Dawn Ng, probably best remembered for the random appearances of a giant inflatable rabbit she named Walter around Singapore and her Paper Planes installation, is currently holding a solo exhibition titled A Thing of Beauty at Chan Hampe galleries. It will be a collection of nine photographs of installations assembled from everyday objects that Ng found all over Singapore. Though she is quick to dismiss her new series as a nationalistic representation – unlike Perfect Read more

[Review] Da Vinci: From Past to Future

Two exhibitions currently running in Singapore - both world premieres,  illuminate the art and science of Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci, one third of the great Florentine trinity of painters. The Muse explores both the possibility of an 'earlier' Mona Lisa and a plethora of research and experiments done by the great mind himself from art and architecture to hydraulics and music.  Leonardo da Vinci’s Earlier Mona Lisa at the Art House The mystic smile Read more